North Pole Dash Game - Available Now!

Santa's Secret Candy Was Stolen!

Get ready for a North Pole adventure! Help Zeemo the elf retrieve the key ingredient to Santa's finest candy… ZimZims. These treasured goodies have been stolen by the nefarious (and sweet toothed) WumpWigs! Ski, run and snowball-blast your way through four wonderfully unique locations and 12 gorgeously detailed levels to bring the ZimZims safely back to Santa. Battle dinosaurs and hordes of WumpWigs while dashing through awesome landscapes. Travel across snowy hills and through glistening Ice Caves. Make your way to a land of candy where lollipos are as tall as trees and hop onto an ice-cream sandwich to cross a chilly grape soda lake. If you complete this daunting task Santa will reward Zeemo with his dream job!

Four Wonderfully Unique Locations
Snowy Slopes, Ice Caves, Forgotten World, Candy Sparkle

12 Gorgeous Levels
Imagine Skiing on snowy North Pole hills at night with a mesmerizing aurora borealis dancing in the sky, battling WumpWigs in the depths of a glistening Ice Cave, running from a rampaging T-Rex or riding a fire shooting Pterodactyl in the Forgotten World, and dodging giant gumballs from a gigantic gumball machine amidst forests of lollipops in the land of Candy Sparkle

Original Orchestral Music Score
From happy Christmassy tunes to foreboding jungle themes in the Forgotten World

These crazy, super long haired neanderthals mean to keep those ZimZim candies! They'll do whatever it takes to stop Zeemo from his mission.

Beat Your Best Time
Best Times are saved for each level. Find the fastest way through and set a record time!

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For Android and Kindle Fire!
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North Pole Dash gameplay video

Nort Pole Dash screenshotNorth Pole Dash Screenshot
Nort Pole Dash screenshotNort Pole Dash screenshot
Nort Pole Dash screenshotNort Pole Dash screenshot

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